What is the game like?

Roma is a grand-strategy communal roleplaying game. In Roma you play a character who may be part of a group. Usually this group is a certain historical political faction or ethnicity. The goal of all factions is to dominate the known world.

You play a character in Roma of your own choosing and you are free to develop your character in this world as you see fit.

Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to register, if you want to play the game.

How long does a game round last?

The game starts in the year 280 B.C.E. and ends in the year 85 A.D.


* Design & Development

Lead Programmer: Wiebe Eling de Boer

Lead Designer: Wiebe Eling de Boer

Lead Tester: Wiebe Eling de Boer

Manual Designer & Editor: Wiebe Eling de Boer

* Administration & Moderation

Game Administrator: Wiebe Eling de Boer

* Hosting

Webhost: Mihosnet

* Marketing & Public Relations

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