Culture & Religion

Please select a culture and religion for your faction.

CulturePolytheistic ReligionsMonotheistic Religions
Arabic8Arabic PolytheismHellenistic Judaism
Britonic11Celtic Polytheism 
Celtiberian8Celtic Polytheism 
Gallic26Celtic Polytheism 
Germanic12Norse Polytheism 
Hellenic21Greek Polytheism 
Iberian6Iberian Polytheism 
Illyrian9Thraco-Illyrian Polytheism 
Italian6Roman Polytheism 
Libyan7Egyptian Polytheism 
Persian13Greek PolytheismZoroastrianism
Phoenician6Arabic Polytheism 
Scythian6Scythian Polytheism 
Thracian6Thraco-Illyrian Polytheism 

The culture of a factions determines which units are available for recruitment and which buildings are available for construction.

Monotheistic religions worship only one god and therefore build one type of temple. Factions with a monotheistic religion will convert or demolish a temple of a polytheistic religion, while factions with a polytheistic religion will assimilate gods of other polytheistic religions.

Faction Name

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Character Social System

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Patriarchy (male)Matriarchy (female)