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Dutch cookie law

According to Dutch law I am legally required to inform you that cookies are used on this site. I choose to do so on this page.

The cookie law is a bizarre and inept law, that Dutch politicians in their infinite wisdom, or rather plain ignorance have seen fit to create. This law protects noone, it serves noone, and its intention can only be seen as a deliberate attempt to destroy a beautiful and thriving industry in the Netherlands, namely internet technology. If you are a Dutch or European citizen and you care about the internet, then please vote the incompetent and sometimes corrupt politicians who designed and/or voted in favor of this inept law, or equivalent laws out of office. These laws infringe on your human and constitutional rights! In particular your right to freedom of speech and the right to free enterprise. And while I am at it, to my dear American friends, say no to SOPA/PIPA, and say no to C11 to my Canadian friends.

Cookies on this site

Cookies may be used in the google adverts on this site and are used upon login through the game portal of both Shugo and Roma. Your use of this site means you accept these cookies.

What do these cookies do?

The google advert cookie is used for aggregate data, it does not store personal data. Any government sites that say anything to the contrary are false. With "aggregate" data is meant for instance "how many visitors", not "what visitors" and it can therefore not harm privacy.

The game cookies of Shugo or Roma are used to check if you have logged in and on what user account you have logged into. It is needed to fetch and display data that is appropriate to your account. You will not be able to play the game without these cookies, because you need an account to play these games on this site.

How to delete cookies

In internet explorer go to the tools menu, click internet options, go to the settings tab and click to delete the cookies.

Cookies can be found in the following maps in windows vista:


Replace user with the username used on your computer

In windows XP it's the following maps:

C:\documents and settings\User\cookies

Replace user with the username used on your computer

Just select the cookie in the map and press the delete button and that is all there is to it.

You can also use the internet explorer security settings to completely block cookies. Other browsers have similar options.

Snide retort to politicians

See how easy it is. And this knowledge is far more effective than any lawyers and judges, or politicians for that matter.

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