Central Italy 280 years before the birth of Christ...
the capital of a fledgling Republic, sat at a place at the river Tiber.
The Senate and the people of Rome started on a path, that would lead farther than they could ever have imagined.
Rome thrived, building legendary roads, encouraging trade with neighbouring cities.
Life was good, but Roman citizens hungered for more and developed mighty legions to conquer new lands.
The Republic grew stronger, none could thwart the destiny of Rome.
Defeated captives became slaves, bought buy rich citizens, who enjoyed an unrivaled civilised life,
but not every citizen lived in such luxury, living in squalor, were the hungry and the poor,
but Rome thrived, leaving as proof of its glory spectular ventures, for the tough and often dangerous entertainment, its people demanded

What is the game like?

Roma is a browser based game set in ancient Rome at the time of the Roman Republic. You control a Roman family and it is your goal to ensure the welfare of your family and make it great.

There are many things you can do in the game. Your family characters can be farmers, shopkeepers, traders, soldiers, priests, gladiators, charioteers, senators and more. Roman Legions can do battle with the barbarians, while diplomats negotiate with the barbarians. Rome can hold races at the circus, or stage fights in the arena. Workman can produce and trade more than 60 different resources and goods in the game. The Roman Senate engages in politics and enacts new laws.

Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to register, if you want to play the game.

How do I win the game?

See this paragraph for more details.

How long does a game round last?

The game ends in the year 27 B.C. or earlier if someone meets the victory conditions.

What are the technical requirements?

Minimal requirements:
Browser: Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 2
Screen Resolution: 800x600
Javascript: enabled
Cookies: enabled

Recommended requirements:
Browser: Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3
Screen Resolution: 1024x768
Javascript: enabled
Cookies: enabled

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If you see a lower version number, or see "undetermined" behind the number, then there is a chance, that your browser is not compatible with the game.

If you see, that your screen resolution is lower than the requirement, then chances are great, that you will not get a good view.

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Roma © 2010-2012 Wiebe Eling de Boer


* Design

Game Design:
Wiebe Eling de Boer

Wiebe Eling de Boer

Graphics Designers:
Lead Designer: Wiebe Eling de Boer
Graphics Artists: Wiebe Eling de Boer


Game Manual:
Manual Designer: Wiebe Eling de Boer
Manual Revision: Wiebe Eling de Boer
Manual Translation: Wiebe Eling de Boer

* Development

Senior Producer: Wiebe Eling de Boer
Executive Producer: Wiebe Eling de Boer

Lead Tester:
Wiebe Eling de Boer

Beta Testers:
Wiebe Eling de Boer


* Administration & Moderation

Game Administrator:
Wiebe Eling de Boer

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Wiebe Eling de Boer

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