Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a home?

You are randomly assigned a home when you register.

How do I get a shop or workshop?

To get a shop or workshop, you have to purchase a vacant taberna, or house not owned by anyone else. You can do this by going to Rome, then click on a vicus (or street), and once you are in a vicus click on an empty taberna. This will take you to the taberna page. If you see the message "this place is vacant", then click on the hands icon and buy the place.

On a further note, if you buy a vacant taberna that is at another house, then the one you were assigned to, then you will move to the house where you purchased the taberna.

You may only buy one taberna!

With the taberna purchased, you can now go to the pergula (at the top left of your house). Choose the type of shop you want from the dropdown list and click to build the workshop or shop. That is all there is to it!

How do I get a farm?

Go to Rome! Click on the link that says "World", this will take you to the worldmap. On the worldmap click on one of the red dots, this will take you to a region. At the region page, fill in a number in the text field (this is the amount of iugera you are willing to purchase), click to build a villa. Now you have a farm!

Keep in mind that you need money and perhaps building materials to construct a farm!

How do I keep my characters alive?

Give them the meals they require, clothe them and give them a bath and haircut.

You prepare meals at the culina and you consume meals at the triclinium.

You can clothe your characters at the cubiculum and you can equip your characters at the alea.

You can have your characters take a bath at the thermum and you can get a haircut for your characters at a barbershop.

How do I equip my characters?

You can equip your characters at the alea (centre right of your house).

How do I get more characters?

Seek contact with another player. Let him or her marry off a single female character to one of your male characters who is single. You have to accept the marriage proposal, so that you can have the two characters married. You need 2 units of jewelry to perform a marriage. When these two characters are married, the woman that was previously a part of the other player's family is now a part of your family. She will return to her family if you or the other player file for divorce in that marriage. A married female character may give birth to children, who will become part of your family. There is a random chance each year that a child is born to a married woman. This is how your family grows.

How do I make money?

There are many ways to make money in the game. You can open up shop, workshop, market stall, a mine, quarry or pit and sell goods and resources, or you can have some of your male characters enlist in the army, or enter the civil service, or you can try to win prizes in the arena or circus with your gladiators or charioteers.

How do I import goods?

You can import goods at a harbour. You must have a ship or a caravan if you wish to import goods and you need an importer as a workshop.

How do I get in the Senate?

You have to get one of your family members elected as a magistrate, or have one of your family members picked as a Legatus. That is how you get into the senate.

How do I get in the army?

Go to Rome, click on a Castrum, pick one of your male family members (no slaves) not otherwise engaged in another career and click to enlist

How can I battle the barbarians?

You must have a Praetor or a Consul invested with Imperium, or a you must have a Legatus and to wage war you must have permission from the senate.

How can I get to race in the circus?

You must enroll a family member or a slave into a syndicate. A charioteer requires equipment such horses and a chariot.

How can I get a gladiator?

You must enroll a family member or a slave into a Ludus. You can train a gladiator at a ludus. A gladiator requires equipment such as certain types of armor and weapons.

I have no more money, now what do I do?

Make more money by selling goods or resources, or by means of a salary, or prize money. If that does not work, try getting a loan at a bank. Be warned however, if you are unable to repay the loan, then you will be declared bankrupt.

I am bankrupt, now what do I do?

That is it! Gameover!

I have no more characters, now what do I do?

That is it! Gameover!

I have lost my password, what should I do?

Send an email to the administrator of the game and make a password request. You will have to provide information that can show that you are indeed the owner of the account, or else no password will be provided to you.

My account was deleted, what can I do?

Accounts are deleted for two major reasons. The account has gone inactive, or the account was deleted due to a suspected breach of the rules. Accounts will not be reinstated in both those cases! You may create a new account, however be aware that if you really broke the rules, you may also have been banned in some instances.

I am unable to register, what can I do?

If you cannot register, then your IP has been blocked for any number of reasons:

(1) If a person near you with the same IP address has registered before you, then you will not be able to register, because the registration page blocks the second attampt of registration. This usually happens if you share internet with your roommates, or if a member in your household like your brother or sister is also playing the game. If you want to get this block lifted you will have to provide evidence to the administrator that you are not one and the same person.

(2) If you use a proxy then you may get blocked. You will have to provide evidence that this use of proxy is for a reason other than an attempt to cheat. Good examples of this are, if you use a wireless router, if you login from a place like an university portal, or if authorities in the country you reside have blocked this site.

(3) If your IP address has been banned, then you need to get the ban lifted. Provide an honest and factual report about the cirumstances surrounding your ban and promise not to break the rules again. Be warned, if your ban was lifted and you have been found to break the rules again, then the ban may be a permanent one!

I have found a bug, what should I do?

Report the bug to the administrator! Do not abuse a bug! If you deliberately abuse a bug, then your account may be subject to deletion.