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Welcome to Roma!

Roma is a grand-strategy roleplaying game. In Roma you play a character who may be part of a group. Often this group is a historic empire or tribe. The goal of all factions is to dominate the known world.

You play a character in Roma of your own choosing and you are free to develop your character in this world as you see fit.


You need to register, before you can play this game. The registration process consists of four basic steps.

First you have to choose whether you want to join an existing faction or create a new faction. The next steps in the registration process will vary according to this first choice.

Create a Faction

If you choose to create faction, then your character becomes the ruler. You will need to fill in data about your character and you will also need to fill in data about your faction.

Your choice of the form of government and state religion can be altered in a revolution, but beware your choice of culture cannot be altered, so choose carefully. Your choice of culture also determines the initial start locations available for the capital of your faction.

Join a Faction

If you choose to join a faction, then your character becomes an ordinary officer. You will need to fill in data about your character and select a start location out of the available settlements of your faction.

Getting Started

Once you are registered, you can proceed to play the game and develop your character.

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