The Emperor does nothing in the game other than bestow titles on players. He is of little consequence to the clans. He is considered the ceremonial leader of Japan. The Emperor resides in Kyoto.


If you wish to obtain the title of Shogun your clan needs to own at least 340 settlements including Kyoto. The Daimyo who becomes Shogun and who manages to keep that title of Shogun for two years will be declared the winner of a round. A game round will come to an end when someone manages to restore central authority.


A Kanrei is a deputy of the Shogun. There are actually four positions of Kanrei in Japan, namely: the Kanto Kanrei (located at Kamakura), the Rokuhara Kanrei (located at Kyoto), the Chinzei Kanrei (located at Dazaifu) and the Oshu Kanrei (located at Nihonmatsu).

If you wish to obtain the Kanrei title, your clan must hold Kyoto or Kamakura or Dazaifu or Nihonmatsu. Your clan only gets the Kanrei bonus, if the Daimyo has the title in the rankings. If the Daimyo loses the title, then your clan loses the bonus.

The Kanrei title adds 1 honour point to the Daimyo.

Dazaifu Kyoto Kamakura Taga



Daimyo may have titles. These titles provide no bonuses, they are merely an indication of the strength of the clan.

The income of any vassal clans is added towards the required income.

Meishuat least 50,000 koku
Kokushuat least 20,000 koku
Joshuat least 10,000 koku and must have a castle
Ryoshuat least 10,000 koku

If a Daimyo does not meet any of the requirements, he or she has the title of Kokujin.