Hans & Shoen



All fields and settlements are grouped together into a domain known as a Han.


Every Han has a capital. If this capital is captured by an enemy clan, then the whole Han is conquered, that includes all fields and settlements that belong to that Han.

Most of the capitals are castle towns, but some are palaces, market towns, temple towns, and shrine towns.

castle towns25769.5 %
palaces41.1 %
market towns61.6 %
temple towns8523.0 %
shrine towns184.8 %
Total370100.0 %
Tsushima (castle) Oki (temple) Tanegashima (shrine) Hirado (castle) Goto (shrine) Yatsushiro (castle) Kumamoto (castle) Kurume (castle) Yoshinogari (castle) Saga (castle) Yanagawa (castle) Oka (castle) Toshimitsu (castle) Usuki (castle) Nakatsu (shrine) Nobeoka (castle) Takajo (castle) Amaga (castle) Hitoyoshi (castle) Tomioka (castle) Saiki (castle) Funai (castle) Futagoji (temple) Akizuki (castle) Obi (castle) Kirishima (castle) Kagoshima (castle) Chiran (castle) Sendaigawa (castle) Kikuchi (castle) Hara (castle) Shimabara (castle) Omura (castle) Kashima (temple) Iimori (castle) Karatsu (castle) Fukuoka (castle) Hakata (market) Tachibana (castle) Kofukuji (temple) Kokura (castle) Nakatsu (castle) Dazaifu (palace) Aki (castle) Kochi (castle) Yamada (temple) Hiwasa (castle) Byodoji (temple) Tokushima (castle) Takamatsu (castle) Marugame (castle) Taihoji (temple) Kawanoe (castle) Saijo (castle) Imabari (castle) Matsuyama (castle) Ozu (castle) Uwajima (castle) Nankoku (temple) Nakamura (castle) Kawashima (castle) Koriyama (castle) Kure (shrine) Hisamatsu (castle) Takehara (temple) Mihara (castle) Takiyama (castle) Fukuyama (castle) Kurashiki (market) Tsuneyama (castle) Okayama (castle) Takamatsu (castle) Kino (castle) Matsuyama (castle) Tsuyama (castle) Kurayoshi (castle) Shimonoseki (temple) Hofu (shrine) Hagi (castle) Tsuwano (castle) Mina (temple) Gakuenji (temple) Toda (castle) Matsue (castle) Yonago (castle) Hayaguchi (shrine) Yamaguchi (market) Iwakuni (castle) Osumi (shrine) Miyao (castle) Hiroshima (castle) Sumoto (castle) Yagami (castle) Sasayama (castle) Kameyama (castle) Tanabe (castle) Myotsuji (temple) Tsuruga (castle) Kishiwada (castle) Wakayama (castle) Ota (castle) Negoroji (castle) Kozanji (temple) Tanabe (temple) Muryoji (temple) Kamikura (shrine) Kyoto (palace) Yodo (castle) Takatsuki (castle) Hokaiji (temple) Fujidera (temple) Kaseyama (castle) Koriyama (castle) Nara (temple) Imai (market) Takatori (castle) Sakai (market) Asukadera (temple) Fushimi (castle) Toba (castle) Ise (castle) Matsusaka (castle) Tsu (castle) Ryokoji (temple) Shogenji (temple) Kameyama (castle) Onoji (temple) Ueno (castle) Hijiyama (castle) Minakuchi (castle) Ishiyama (temple) Otsu (castle) Miidera (temple) Sakamoto (castle) Enryakuji (temple) Azuchi (castle) Hachiman (castle) Kannonji (castle) Hikone (castle) Sawayama (castle) Nagahama (castle) Odani (castle) Haga (castle) Hattoji (temple) Ako (castle) Tatsuno (castle) Himeji (castle) Ichijoji (temple) Chokoji (temple) Miki (castle) Akashi (castle) Tottori (castle) Izushi (castle) Taishakuji (temple) Chotsuji (temple) Takeda (castle) Fukuchiyama (castle) Chohoji (temple) Uwatsu (shrine) Ikeda (castle) Itami (castle) Osaka (castle) Ashiya (shrine) Kobe (temple) Kanagasaki (castle) Katsuyama (castle) Hokyoji (temple) Jigenji (temple) Jofukuji (temple) Fukui (castle) Tenryuji (temple) Myotaiji (temple) Maruoka (castle) Shokaiji (temple) Anrakuji (temple) Kitanosho (castle) Komatsu (temple) Kanazawa (castle) Natadera (temple) Shufukji (temple) Daishoji (temple) Tentokuin (temple) Nanao (castle) Suemon (castle) Yamadaji (temple) Takaoka (castle) Toyama (castle) Arakawa (castle) Uzu (castle) Matsukura (castle) Gujo (castle) Daidoji (temple) Shorenji (temple) Ankokuji (temple) Kamioka (castle) Nagaoka (temple) Fukoji (temple) Zendoji (temple) Otate (castle) Takado (castle) Kasugayama (castle) Honmyo (temple) Shibata (castle) Sanjo (temple) Niigata (temple) Murakami (castle) Sado (temple) Iwamura (castle) Eihoji (temple) Kawate (castle) Inuyama (castle) Gifu (castle) Sofukuji (temple) Takenaka (castle) Sunomata (castle) Ogaki (castle) Komaki (castle) Kiyosu (castle) Iwasaki (castle) Nishikawa (castle) Nagoya (castle) Kuwana (castle) Odaka (castle) Ansho (castle) Shogenji (temple) Okazaki (castle) Nishio (castle) Ryugenji (temple) Noda (castle) Nagashino (castle) Yoshida (castle) Tahara (castle) Hamamatsu (castle) Tobayama (castle) Futamata (castle) Yokosuka (castle) Takatenjin (castle) Oyama (castle) Suwahara (castle) Kannomine (castle) Matsushiro (castle) Arato (castle) Matsuo (castle) Ueda (castle) Komoro (castle) Tatsuoka (castle) Daihoji (temple) Shoygoji (temple) Shinpu (castle) Matsumoto (castle) Kiso (castle) Uchiyama (castle) Takashima (castle) Kuwabara (castle) Uehara (castle) Takato (castle) Hachioji (castle) Iwatsuki (castle) Kimitsu (temple) Tateyama (castle) Maruyama (castle) Otaki (castle) Kururi (castle) Chiba (castle) Kozukue (castle) Konodai (castle) Edo (castle) Chigasaki (castle) Kokubunji (temple) Takiyama (castle) Katakura (castle) Nagata (temple) Takino (castle) Godoji (temple) Ogura (castle) Sugiyama (castle) Hachigata (castle) Matsuyama (castle) Sakura (castle) Chosenji (temple) Kashima (temple) Inashiki (castle) Tsuchiura (castle) Kisai (castle) Oshi (castle) Ashikaga (temple) Kuragano (castle) Ryumonji (temple) Kanagawa (castle) Takasaki (castle) Minowa (castle) Mito (castle) Kasama (castle) Sano (castle) Kawagoe (castle) Karasawayama (castle) Kitakata (temple) Utsunomiya (castle) Shirakawa (castle) Shigiyama (castle) Ganjoji (temple) Shimoda (castle) Nirayama (castle) Fukazawa (castle) Yoshiwara (temple) Tanaka (castle) Kanbara (castle) Mariko (castle) Sunpu (castle) Iwadono (castle) Nanmeiji (temple) Kofu (castle) Yougai (castle) Yamanaka (castle) Ashigara (castle) Joganji (temple) Odawara (castle) Hadano (castle) Nakahara (castle) Kamakura (palace) Arai (castle) Miura (temple) Kaminoyama (castle) Hasedo (castle) Hirosaki (castle) Yamagata (castle) Hataya (castle) Chogenji (temple) Sakata (temple) Yokote (castle) Kakunodate (castle) Kubota (castle) Akita (castle) Nihonmatsu (castle) Wakamatsu (castle) Inawashiro (castle) Aomori (shrine) Yonezawa (castle) Shiroishi (castle) Haga (shrine) Sendai (castle) Taga (palace) Zuiganji (temple) Shounji (temple) Nabekura (castle) Shiwa (castle) Sashiki (castle) Morioka (castle) Chusonji (temple) Yamada (shrine) Sannohe (castle) Hachinohe (castle) Kunohe (castle) Shichinohe (castle) Nagasaki (market) Iki (shrine) Miyazaki (shrine) Kitsuki (castle) Kakogawa (temple) Yamabuki (castle) Shibushi (castle) Minawa (temple) Shigi (castle) Chihaya (castle) Hikari (temple) Susaki (shrine) Kurihara (shrine) Setagaya (castle) Nikko (shrine) Tsuroka (temple)


A single grid of the map is known as a Shoen. A Shoen is medieval manor or fief. A Shoen can be a town or a farm.

A Shoen is part of a Han. When a Han capital is captured all Shoen that belong to that Han are also captured.


farms2802093.9 %
towns18176.1 %
Total29837100.0 %