The Daimyo is the ruler of a clan. Whoever gets the majority of the vote of all the members of the clan, becomes Daimyo. In case of a tied vote, then the player who registered first becomes Daimyo.

Clan Structure


The Daimyo divides the total clan income and divides the land into Hans.

A Daimyo can also assign clan members to the council as commissioner.

A Daimyo can set a bounty on the head of another player who is not a member of the same clan as the Daimyo.


The clan council is a board of commissioners that are to assist the Daimyo. There are 5 different commissioners:

The Commissioner of War can setup Hans, construct and upgrade castles, and recruit Ronin.

The Commissioner of Religious Affairs can construct and upgrade temples and shrines.

The Commissioner of Trade and Diplomatic Affairs can set the diplomatic stance with another clan.

The Commissioner of Finance can set the tax rate and can divide the stipends amongst the clan members.

The Commissioner of Public Works can construct buildings in any settlement owned by the clan.


Daimyochief of the clan
Bugyocouncil member
Hatamotosamurai who administers land

Ordinary clan members have the title of Samurai. They hold the title of Hatamoto if they supervise land. They are Bugyo, if the member is a commissioner in the clan council.

Hatamoto can construct buildings within their Han.


Ronin are players without a master. This is the title for any player character if he or she is not part of a clan.