Time & Periods



A game round starts in the year 1467 and ends in the year 1615. A game round may end earlier, if a clan takes the Shogunate and reinstates central authority in Japan.


In GameReal
1 year1 day
1 season6 hours
1 month2 hours
1 day4 minutes
1 part of day1 minute

A game day is divided into 4 parts:

The part of day affects the weather. Rain for instance decreases the strength of missile units and fog or heavy thunderstorms allows ambushes on the battlefield.


A full length game round is divided into 4 periods. Some buildings become available for construction in later periods. These periods are:

PeriodRangeDuration (in game years)BuildingsRole
Higashiyama period1467-149023  
Sengoku period1490-154353  
Nanban period1543-156825Teppojutsu DojoJesuit
Azuchi-Momoyama period1568-161547citadel, kabuki theatre 

Nanban period
Arquebuses and the role of Jesuit are not available untill the Nanban period.

Azuchi-Momoyama period
Citadels and kabuki theatres are not available untill the Azuchi-Momoyama period.