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Economic Development

Settlements can be developed by spending turns on commands. Every character gets 1 faction turn per year and 1 personal tun per year.

Personal turns of a character can only be used by the player who owns the character. Faction turns can only be used by a ruler or governor.

Turns can be saved up to 8 seasons.

A settlement can be developed on 4 particular areas. These numbers decay with time and hence have to continually be developed.

Economic AreaCommandStatisticsRange
defensesfortifyengineer & judgement1 - 999
justicehold courtjudgement & charisma1 - 999
commercedevelop industryengineer & commerce1 - 999
agriculturedevelop agricultureengineer & agriculture1 - 999

Defenses represents the walls and fortifications of a settlement. Defenses help the defender in a siege. Defenses can be increased with the fortify command. The efficiency of the fortify command depends on the engineer and judgement statistics of a character.

Justice represents the rule of law in a settlement. Settlements with low justice have more crime, are more prone to rebellions and lose a greater portion of their taxes to corruption. Having a character hold court helps to increase justice in a settlement. The efficiency of the hold court command depends on the judgement statistic of a character. Rebellions may occur if justice gets too low. The kind of rebels that emerge during a rebellion is determined by the area in which the settlement is located.

Commerce represents the general economy of a settlement and how much resources are manufactured. A settlement with high commerce yields more taxes. With the develop commerce command you can increase commerce. The efficiency of the develop commerce command depends on the engineer and commerce statistics of a character.

Agriculture represents the rural economy of a settlement and how much food is being produced. A settlement with high agriculture yields more taxes and more provisions. With the develop agriculture command you can increase agriculture. The efficiency of the develop agriculture command depends on the engineer and agriculture statistics of a character.


The fortifications of a settlement are upgraded, when the defense of a settlement reaches a particular amount of points. Such an upgrade makes it that much harder for a besieger to decrease the defense points of the fortifications of a settlement.

FortificationMinimum Defense
stone wall700


Army units can be recruited in settlements.


Draft increases the number of soldiers present in a settlement. The leadership statistic increases the efficiency of the draft command. These drafted soldiers will be townwatch in the event of a siege.

These soldiers can be trained and their morale increased. Morale can be increased with the rally command. The efficiency of the rally command is determined by the charisma and leadership statistics of a character. The training of the soldiers can be increased with the train command. The efficiency of the train command is determined by the leadership statistic.

The drafted soldiers present in a settlement can be levied into an army. A levy decreases the number of soldiers present in a settlement and transfers those soldiers to an army unit.


Taxes are collected every game year in autumn. Taxes are collected upon the farm income and commerce income. Corruption negatively affects total tax income. Corruption is lowered by the justice and happiness statistics.



The population size of a settlement determines what kind of settlement it is. Larger settlements get more economic bonuses than smaller settlements, but larger settlements also have more waste than smaller settlements.

Settlement SizePopulation


Death Rate

The Death Rate is increased when there is insufficient food or water and lots of waste.

Birth Rate

The Birth Rate is primarily determined by the population size of a settlement.

Migration Rate

The Migration Rate is determined by the population size of a settlement, and the commerce and agriculture rates.


A governor or ruler may have an officer construct buildings in a settlement. Buildings allow for the recruitment of units, the production of items and provide for economic bonuses. Construction of buildings take one season to complete.

Barracksincreases recruitment of infantry
Granarydecreases waste of food
Hospitalincreases healing
Prisonaides in the holding of captives
Smithincreases manufacture of weapons
Stableincreases recruitment of cavalry
Workshopincreases manufacture of trade items


Agriculture represents the food production yield of a settlement. A high agriculture statistic provides greater food output of farms.


An officer can build farms on plots of lands near a settlement.

Farms provide with crops and provisions. There are 7 kinds of crops:

wheatstaple food
ricestaple food
soystaple food
silkcash crop

Staple food and fruit are army and settlement provisions. Cash crops are sold on the market for extra money and used in the industry of the settlement. Medicinals can be used to aide healing.


Commerce represents the amount of trade and industry in a settlement.


Some markets have workshops that produce special trade items. These trade items provide bonuses to statistics.

jade burial suitjudgement
hill censerengineer
silk fabricsleadership
hunping jaragriculture
hanging scroll paintingcharisma

Special Items

There a few special items that can be found in some cities. These special items provide bonuses to statistics.

Special ItemCategoryStatistic Bonus
Red Harewarhorse+2 riding
Hex Markwarhorse+2 riding
Gray Lightningwarhorse+2 riding
Shadow Runnerwarhorse+2 riding
White Dragonwarhorse+2 riding
Black Dragonwarhorse+2 riding
Sword of Heavenweapon+10 swordmanship
Crescent Halberdweapon+7 polearms
Swords of Fateweapon+7 swordmanship
Viper Bladeweapon+7 polearms
Seven Star Swordweapon+5 swordmanship
Ancestral Swordweapon+2 swordmanship
War Tridentweapon+2 polearms
Great Axeweapon+2 polearms
Steel Flailweapon+2 polearms
Throwing Bladeweapon+2 agility
Art of Warbook+3 tactics
Scrolls of Taigongbook+3 tactics
Tao Te Chingbook+5 leadership
Classic of Poetrybook+10 judgement
Book of Documentsbook+10 judgement
Book of Ritesbook+10 judgement
Spring and Autumn Annalsbook+10 judgement
Imperial Sealregalia+10 charisma
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