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Military Units

Unit Statistics

Pike MilitiaMelee Infantrypike5  1
Sword MilitiaMelee Infantrysword5211
Archer MilitiaMissile Infantrybow5 11
Pike InfantryMelee Infantrypike7 11
Sword InfantryMelee Infantrysword7211
Archer InfantryMissile Infantrybow7 11
Standard Bearers
Standard BearerMelee Infantrypike7 21
Spear Cavalry (light)Melee Cavalrypike6  3
Spear Cavalry (medium)Melee Cavalrypike7  3
Spear Cavalry (heavy)Melee Cavalrypike7 23
Cavalry Archer (light)Missile Cavalrybow5  3
Cavalry Archer (medium)Missile Cavalrybow5 13
Chariot ArcherMelee Cavalrybow7  2
Chariot (medium)Melee Cavalrypike7 22
Chariot (heavy)Melee Cavalrypike7 22
Cavalry Commanders
Commander SpearMelee Cavalrypike7 23
Commander SwordMelee Cavalrysword8 13
Commander HammerMelee Cavalrywar hammer8 13
Chariot CommanderMelee Cavalrywar fan8 32
Chariot CommanderMissile Cavalrybow8 32

Commanders & Standard Bearers

The appearance of standard bearers and cavalry commanders varies according to the faction.

Weapon Statistics

Bow  6 
War Fan65 5
War Hammer105  


A commander unit category is determined by the main weapon his or her character wields.

 WeaponCategoryStatistic Bonus
sabresword+1 swordsmanship
cleaverpike+1 polearms
glaivepike+1 polearms
halberdpike+1 polearms
spearpike+1 polearms
tridentpike+1 polearms
bowbow+1 archery
charmerwar fan+1 charisma
sceptrewar fan+1 leadership
staffwar fan+1 engineer
war fanwar fan+1 tactics
axewar hammer+1 strength
hammerwar hammer+1 strength
macewar hammer+1 strength


Rebel units have a different appearance. Rebels do not have heavy infantry and chariots.


The townwatch is the defending army in a siege. It is made up of all the drafted soldiers present in the settlement.

The defense points of the fortifications of a settlement add to the protection of its townwatch.


Ships can clash or use arrows to kill crew on an enemy ship. Military units become ships in a naval battle. Ships are manned by crew and archers. Missile units get +1 missile in naval battles, while melee units get +1 trust in naval battles.

Basics Player Character Gameworld Roles Warfare Military Units Economy